Our Vision



Our Mission

To impart education that has the ability to empower our children to compete successfully on the  global platform in this fast evolving, almost one-nation world.

Mr. Faheem Rais
Managing Director

RIMS International School and Junior College is born of a tradition that goes back over 85 years into education with humble beginnings. It was founded by my grandfather Khan Bhadhur Rais in Bhiwandi Thane. He was the pioneer in education and he is the one who we draw the inspiration from. It is one of the first school/college to establish the Cambridge IGCSE and ‘A’ Level qualification in Pune (2005). To me, one of the most striking things about RIMS School is how friendly and engaging our students are. We are smaller than some secondary schools and I believe this contributes to the school’s friendly and secure environment.

As a school it is our duty to provide an environment in which every student can learn, make friends and develop their skills. School is such a critical time in life and students need our full support to develop their confidence and to be encouraged to thrive. Whether it’s academic, sport, creative or social, we are committed to bringing the best out of each individual.

We have a wonderful team of extremely committed staff, who recognise the importance of individual learning, providing extra help for those who need it and opportunities to learn at a faster pace for those who excel.

We are proud of our academic achievements and the progress our students make during their time here.

If you would like to visit us to see the school in action and to talk to both students and teachers, we would be delighted to see you.
I hope that we will be welcoming you here soon.


Ms. Sujata Sharma

Ms. Sujata Sharma

An effective communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills and management ability, she has maintained a solid reputation as an energetic, creative & thoroughly knowledgeable leader of uncompromising integrity.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” – Albert Einstein.

A firm propagator of this philosophy, I look forward to usher in the new session by spearheading the energies & talents of our students towards the right channels, be it academics, sports, ECA/CCA activities and to impart education that is lifelong and lasting.

Discipline, Character, Confidence and Punctuality are some of the benchmarks that will help our student cross the bridge between effort and goal. I look forward to support from each student, parent and faculty towards achieving this shared commitment.

So my dear students I ask each one of you to make each day worthwhile and memorable because it has been rightly said…. “Believe you can and you are halfway there.”